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The Feline Advisory Bureau Event

SOFA At The Fabulous Feline 2005

Feline Advisory Bureau

The Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) was founded by Joan Judd in 1958. Little was really known about cats or their veterinary needs back then. FAB gathered information from a variety of sources and funded vets to specialise in feline care, a task they continue to this day. Information on virtually every aspect of cat care is available – from bringing home a new kitten to dealing with destructive behaviour or life-threatening illness. FAB funds lecturers and residents to specialise in feline medicine at universities in Bristol and Edinburgh. It organises regular conferences, open days and meetings throughout the UK and it offers training schemes and advice for those running boarding catteries as well as maintaining a list of FAB approved catteries and the Cattery of the Year competition.

The Fabulous Feline

The Fabulous Feline event was held at the wonderful Kensington Roof Gardens, a stunning location in the heart of London. FAB invited a range of people representing a wide range of cat related activities, vets, academics, cattery owners, FAB supporters and trustees, breeders, cat rescue works, SOFA members and the press to the event. FAB were celebrating a very successful and busy year, including the launch of their new logo featuring Cynthia, a two year old silver tortoiseshell; a new Feline Expert Panel dedicated to the health and welfare of cats; the 'easy to give' campaign that encourages drug companies to think about the special needs of cats and awards were given by Dr Sarah Caney of the Feline Expert Panel to the winning companies.


Several SOFA members attended the event and we were given a very warm welcome by Sue Edwards and FAB. It was a great opportunity to meet each other and the nice folks of FAB, to enjoy the excellent food and wine and talk about cats and art to some interesting people. It was especially nice to meet our patron, David Grant at the event who welcomed each of us.


Each member of SOFA donated a print to the FAB raffle and nearly £500 was raised for FAB.


Once again our hosts provided a lovely setting to highlight the services of The Feline Advisory Bureau. It was a good opportunity for SOFA members to be seen. Hopefully the publicity will draw an even bigger audience to future events.

Our thanks again to the organisers.

Visit the FAB web site for information about cats and cat health for owners, vets and breeders, the 'easy to give campaign' FAB books and publications and much more.

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