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SOFA Gallery Natalie Mascall

Web: http://www.nataliesarts.co.uk/
Mobile: 07970 215249
Email: nataliesarts@btinternet.com
Prints: http://www.nataliesarts.co.uk/catalogue/

My name is Natalie Mascall – S.O.F.A.  I am a professional artist, self-taught, inspired by my love of animals. From a young age my passion for fine art and the ability to learn new skills along the way has given me the opportunity to present to you a collection of the feline beauties you see before you below and exhibited around the country.
The Medium I mainly use is pastel, I also use Acrylics.
I love the effect of pastel, especially on felines, whether it be the magnificent big cats or our beloved homely mischievous cats (well I call my two black panthers lol) but to be honest only the size distinguishes them at times. I think that’s why I especially love drawing felines and having a love of them and wildlife from an early age has been my inspiration, especially the eyes. Eyes have always intrigued me, very expressive; eyes to the soul. I always say they speak volumes without words.

Amber Eyes



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Sleepy Beauty


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Little Beauty

Prowler on the Roof

Simply Gorgeous

I get excited drawing the next picture to get started on the eyes as I start with the eyes first. I find that until I am happy with the eyes I cannot continue with the drawing.
You may have seen a few of my drawings of my two cats on the walls of the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery or even have one hanging on your wall.

I feel very privileged to have been accepted as a full member last year, 2014 as it gives me the opportunity of displaying my two black cats, both being half tabby and half Siamese, gives them both such characters and personalities which I cannot wait to turn into art.
They are brother and sister, my mum and I sometimes swear that they are twins.
The male is Abui. He is the vocal one, very loving and a sleek elegant poser, in which I am so thankful for as it gives me more time to try and capture some fab photographs of him that I get to exhibit and share with us cat lovers. But I am bias of course.
Then we have Mina, the smaller of the siblings, she at first looked like needed to grow into her ears bless her, now 7, a sassy lady grown into her ears, delicate but with a mean little strut on her, so one is in no doubt she is a female. She is extremely playful and sweet too.
Mina is little shyer at times but there are many hours of playing time with her, at times hilarious with how she flicks about like a nutter trying to pretend she isn’t interested. Then all of a sudden she’ll spring from under the bed or around a corner with no colour of her iris left on show, she pounces, yet so gentle.
It is even more fun when they both join in playing with their heads in sync and their eyes are like puss in boots ready to get the toy. They both love a good ol fuss and are very friendly and curious.

Having been drawing an assortment of felines over the years I have been lucky to have inspired others to have their own companion drawn by myself. It is always a pleasure for me to draw a cherished furry friend as they are part of the family and makes a lovely gift or surprise, a captured memory.
Any commissions much welcomed. Anyone interested in a commission or to view any of my work please contact me via nataliesarts@btinternet.com or phone 07970 215249.

In 2010 was delighted to receive the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery Award 2010 for an outstanding feline painting of a portrait I drew of Abui when he was a kitten entitled ‘Little Beauty’ (shown below)

I feel thankful of this exhibition and gallery which gets full of feline portrayals, an array of assortment which is always a joy to see and being a part of.

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