Birmingham Cats Protection Adoption Centre Need Help

I am writing to you as a fundraiser for Birmingham Cats Protection Adoption Centre. We are planning to hold a raffle on our annual open day, to be held this year on Sunday 13th September, to raise vital funds for our shelter. We have been hit very hard this year due to the economic climate – many more people being forced to give up their pets and some are simply being abandoned. Unfortunately we have also found that less people are willing to take on a new cat when their future circumstances are uncertain – making our job harder than ever.

I thought it would be a wonderful prize for our open day to offer a portrait of the lucky winner’s cat. Do you know of any artist who might be able to offer this prize to our charity? I really think it would be a very sought-after prize and would generate a lot of money for our shelter.

In return for your generosity we will send you a personal invitation to attend our open day along with a free refreshments voucher, giving you the chance to see the cats you will be helping. We will do our very best to help the artist and will happily display any leaflets or special offers at our event, which normally attracts 900-1,000 people. The raffle will also be advertised before the event, and they would be personally thanked as a sponsor on all adverts.

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact me at the above address or email

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