A request for Christmas card images for a charity

SOFA has had a request for help from Sara Atkinson at Haworth Cat Rescue in West Yorkshire. She asks…

We’re a small rehoming charity for cats, based in West Yorkshire and covering North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and east Lancashire.

As part of our fundraising we sell Christmas cards to our supporters and we usually look to supporters and local artists to supply the images. This year we find ourselves one picture short with only about a month to go before we need to go to press.

Would any SOFA members consider donating a Christmas picture of a black or a white (or predominantly white) cat for us? We would require it for one print run only, about 2000 cards (we sell them in packs of ten) and we would probably sell them for 2-3 years, depending on popularity of the design. We are happy to give full credit and contact details on the back of each card, and in the past we know that sales have been made by artists we have used to recipients of the cards.

If you can help please contact Sara Atkinson on 07766 446161 or via their web site Haworth Cat Rescue.

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