The London Exhibition 2011

The annual Exhibition for The Society of Feline Artists is now on at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London and it features the work of Full and Associate members of SOFA.


The London show opened it’s doors for the private view on a a beautiful sunny day. The show looked wonderful. We had several international visitors who had come to see the exhibition, including people from Finland and Egypt. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon, the champagne and the chance to see so much lovely work on display.

Kay Young, our chairman, gave the welcoming speech and the show was opened in splendid style by our Patron David Grant.


Kay Young thanked Jillian and Ernest and the staff at Llewellyn Alexander for their hard work on our behalf. They did a wonderful job of hanging the show, it looked splendid. The society gave gifts to Jillian and the staff to show our appreciation.


The gallery prize was won this year by Jacqueline Gaylard for her beautiful painting ‘Pure Gold – British Shorthair Blue Cream’, congratulations to Jacqueline.



Jacqueline received her prize from David Grant.

The painting chosen for the Friends Prize Draw this year was by Stephanie Manchipp. The lucky winner, drawn out of a hat by David Grant, is Josephine Mary Lane from Dorset. Congratulations to her. If you would like a chance to win a painting by a SOFA member please fill in a form to become a Friend of the Society.


With the show officially open every one enjoyed chatting and looking at the work.




Here’s to an excellent show!

Show Photos

There are lots more photos of the exhibition in the SOFA 2011 photo album. You can view them either as a slide show or as an photo album. The slide show uses flash and will show you much larger images. Great for seeing paintings on the wall. For those who want a faster, less glitzy show, or who loose the will to live waiting for the slide show, the photo album is much smaller and faster.

As usual we couldn’t photograph all the paintings as there are areas were we couldn’t get to and there are a lot of reflections too, especially those paintings hanging in the windows, but hopefully it will give those members who couldn’t attend an idea of how it all looks.

2 thoughts on “The London Exhibition 2011

  1. One of the highlights of my recent trip to the UK was a visit to see the SOFA 2011 exhibition. Wow, I’ve come home inspired. As a cat artist and associate member from Australia I was really thrilled to see so many other cat artists work all in one place. My only regret was not being able to exhibit but I’d love to if I can find a way to safely and economically send my pastel artwork from Australia and back if It doesn’t sell. At one stage while planning the trip I thought I could exhibit but was so disappointed to realise I wouldn’t be in London in time to deliver my painting. In Australia there aren’t too many good cat artists and certainly no groups like SOFA to be part of so it was really exciting to see so much great cat art all in one place.
    My sincere appreciation goes to all the cat artists exhibiting at SOFA for the opportunity to see such wonderful art and love of cats all rolled into one.

    Cynthia House

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