The Complete Cat – Marian Forster

In association with  International Cat Care the Society Of Feline Artists is delighted to be part of ‘The Complete Cat’ at the beautiful Rook Lane Gallery in Frome, UK from the 23rd November – 8th December 2018.We are please to say that ICC will get 25% of the sales of all the artwork for their wonderful work for cats around the world.

Marian Forster is one of the S.O.F.A. artists taking part.

Thoroughly modern Millie, Molly and Polly! by Marian Forster

I live in Emsworth on the south coast, near the sea, and endeavour to bring humour and an eye for the unusual to my paintings of the region, its people and wildlife. I specialise in feline, wildlife and maritime subjects and have won the award for best watercolour at two consecutive exhibitions of the Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Gallery London.

I began my artistic career working on the Mary Rose project, drawing a wide range of objects recovered from the ship but specialising in illustrating, researching and making replicas of the leather jerkins found on board the ship. A few years ago I completed further research on the clothing. The resulting report is included in volume four of the definitive publication on the Mary Rose titled “Before the Mast – Life and Death aboard the Mary Rose.

Archaeological illustration involves precise pen and ink drawing and it was not until 1990 when I took up painting that my world exploded into colour!

I like to combine my artistic gift with quirky scenarios and humour to capture light hearted observations of cats, especially Siamese. I usually work in watercolour and pen, but also love the colours, effects and excitement produced in reduction lino printing. Over the past 2 years I have been enjoying all aspects of printing especially etching.

One of my first cat paintings ‘Excellent pedigree but loose morals’ was inspired by our own Chocolate Point Siamese. Although surprisingly dim for a Siamese she was of excellent lineage and we thought she might be a perfect candidate to produce a litter of pedigree kittens. Lucy however, had her own ideas about that and the resulting 8 kittens were black and white, just like their father but with their Mother’s blue eyes, vocal range and volume. When the time came, it was not difficult to sell them. Our advert in the local paper read ‘Half Siamese kittens for sale. Mother cat of excellent pedigree but loose morals!’

‘Excellent pedigree but loose morals!’ features in my first feline series of 18 greetings cards available via my website

The Complete Cat

In association with  International Cat Care the Society Of Feline Artists is delighted to be part of ‘The Complete Cat’ at the beautiful Rook Lane Gallery in Frome, UK. Featuring feline-inspired artwork from 26 renowned UK artists, the exhibition offers a diverse collection of pieces. And 25% of the artwork sales will be go to International Cat Care for their work helping cats around the world.

24 November – 8 December, 2018
Rook Lane Gallery,
Bath Street,
Somerset, UK

Find out more about the show…

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