SOFA Gallery: Kay Young

Sadly Kay Young our chairman has passed away.

Kay was one of the earliest members of S.O.F.A.. She took on the role of Chair
from 2005, and quickly saw there was a need to structure the Society and
initiated a legal framework and constitution. For many years she was
responsible for handling the finances of the Society, as well as being involved in
the day to day minutiae of the group.

Never one to dominate, she quietly and diplomatically put across her points of
view, which were always thoughtful and rational. Her contributions to the
Society increased with the growth in membership. Where many Societies have
faded, she stuck to the belief that we could continue to grow and develop.
She lived to see the flow of new ideas and the success of the latest
exhibition, which gave her much pleasure.

We will greatly miss her exceptional artistic talent, thoughtful guidance, attention to detail and soft humour.