The Society of Feline Artists

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with thanks to targut on flickr for the ginger cat photo

New Exhibitions In 2019

The Spring Exhibition
The SOFA Spring Show will be held in May in our online gallery.

The London Exhibition 2019
We are working on a London exhibition in September. Details to follow soon.

The Exhibition Fund

Our wonderful gallery, the Llewellyn Alexander closed in 2018 when the owners took their well earned retirement. So for the first time in 22 years we didn’t have our annual London show.

We started an exhibition fund to help us raise funds. We ran a crowdfunding campaign to start the exhibition fund off, thank you to all those who donated. We have a fundraising section of our online gallery with some lovely feline fine art donated by our members. All of these are selling for less than their normal price, so you get a bargain, and all the proceeds go to the exhibition fund. When we have online gallery shows 25% of sales will go into our exhibition fund. Have a look at our exhibition fundraiser gallery.

Or you can through paypal.

Regional Shows
But it’s not just our annual London show we’re raising funds for. We are also planning other regional shows in the future too.

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