The Society of Feline Artists

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with thanks to targut on flickr for the ginger cat photo

The Society of Feline Artists (S.O.F.A) was founded in September 1994. The specific aims are to promote the work of the best cat artists, whether established or unknown.

The society has had an annual exhibition of cat paintings in London for several years, featuring over 60 artists, some of whom exhibit internationally and showing more than 200 paintings in a range of media, making it the largest exhibition of cat art in the country.

Subjects range from the humble moggy and the friendly domestic tabby to the more exotic breeds like Siamese, Burmese and Bengals and of course the big cats. From the nobility and drama of the wild cat to the playful kitten – all are painted with the mastery of artists who know and understand their subject.

In 2018 the society launched it’s own online gallery to host online exhibitions as well as London and regional shows.

Our Patron

DavidGrantAn interview with our patron David Grant.
The society’s patron David Grant talks about his work and his travels to China to teach courses in small animal dermatology.

The Exhibition Fund

The society has an exhibition fund to help us raise funds for London and regional shows. We ran a crowdfunding campaign to start the exhibition fund off, thank you to all those who donated. We have a fundraising section of our online gallery with some lovely feline fine art donated by our members. All of these are selling for less than their normal price, so you get a bargain, and all the proceeds go to the exhibition fund. When we have online gallery shows 25% of sales will go into our exhibition fund. Have a look at our exhibition fundraiser gallery.

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