Full Membership

How To Apply

Full Membership is by selection only, after completing a year`s Associate Membership.

Applicants must be 18 years or over.

The Selection Committee will meet on the morning of the hand in day for the Annual SOFA Exhibition.  You would need to leave your paintings for consideration by the Committee.
The Selection Committee require to see a minimum of 5 originals. Please bring source of materials i.e. photographs, sketches etc. that you used to produce the originals.  Not all of the work has to be framed. You may also bring prints, sketch books and other quality reproductions to support your application.

Paintings in any medium, drawings, etchings etc are all admissible. CATS only please, do not include any other subject. Sculptures and other 3-D work is not admissible.

The Selection Committee will be looking for originality, professional use of the medium, consistency, composition, drawing and representation of the cat (at least one full figure, not just portraits please). There should not be any direct copying from commercially printed sources e.g. photographs and paintings in books, these should be for reference only. It is vitally important to be aware of Copyright.You will have to apply for an application form.

Details and Selection date will be in the Spring newsletter. DO NOT SEND WORK TO INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS. All Applicants will be notified of the results by letter. The decision will be final, although Artists are encouraged to re-apply for reconsideration in future years if their work progresses and improves.

PLEASE NOTE: The decision for Full Membership is made after very careful consideration of each Applicant and then by a majority vote from the Selection Committee. There should be no communication from the Applicant by letter or telephone to any Member of the Selection Committee when the result of the decision is received.

Full Membership Benefits

FULL MEMBERS will receive:

  • Newsletters
  • Notification of all Society activities
  • Entitlement to exhibit at ALL Society Exhibitions not just the London show
  • Free gallery page on the Society web site www.felineartists.org
  • AND entitlement to use the letters S.O.F.A. after the Artist’s name.

Full Members are expected to support the Society by taking part in the Annual London Exhibition.


Please be aware that the Annual London Exhibition is open to all Members both Full and Associate.

Framing Requirements

Paintings submitted to Galleries for consideration to be exhibited must be well mounted and framed, no metal frames please, and they should be strung ready for hanging using ‘D’ rings to prevent damage to other paintings. Badly presented work will be refused.

This annual subscription for Membership is £30.00

Renew your membership online with PayPal.

Overseas Members

Please be aware that to exhibit at our main annual exhibition in London the Gallery will NOT accept any overseas post, all works have to handed in, in person. Our overseas members tend to have family or friends in the UK with whom they make these arrangements.

Important Note On VAT For European And Overseas Artists
You have to be VAT registered to to sell works of art in the UK.
Due to a change in the law in December 2012 individuals without a UK residence (known as NETPs – non-established taxable persons) will have to register for UK VAT and supply a UK VAT number in order to sell works of art in exhibitions in the UK. This is regardless of the value of the work.

Unfortunately European VAT numbers (including French SIRET numbers) are not acceptable.
More information on UK VAT registration and NETP status can be found by artists in Notice 700/1 on www.hmrc.gov.uk website – ‘Should I be registered for VAT?’ If in doubt contact the VAT Helpline on Tel 0845 010 9000 or if calling from abroad on ++44 2920501 261.The artist can register online for free at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/start/register/how-to-register.htm#2.The processing of applications can take up to 4 weeks. UK VAT is 20%.
More very good information on this topic can be found on the excellent Making A Mark blog.


Lapsed Full Members

Full members who have not renewed their membership for two years or more and have not put their membership on hold due to a valid reason, and wish to exhibit with the society again, will have to re-apply for associate membership. If they wish to keep their full membership the society requires payments for each year missed.

Contact the Membership Secretary: membership@felineartists.org