Where to find S.O.F.A. members work

Where can you find S.O.F.A. members work when our exhibitions aren’t on?

The Members Gallery

We set up the S.O.F.A online gallery to connect cat lovers around the world with our wonderful feline artists. The gallery offers original artworks and prints by our full members for sale to the public. The artwork ships to you directly from the artist’s studio and the selection changes regularly.

Visit The Members Gallery

The Print Shop

Limited And Open Edition Cat Prints From S.O.F.A Members. Many S.O.F.A artists produce beautiful prints from their original artwork at a fraction of the cost of the originals. We have some open edition and limited edition prints from our members.

Visit The Print Shop

The Studio Group

The Cat Art Studio Facebook group is an informal group where our members have been sharing work in progress for our smaller challenge shows. Inbetween shows our members share their other feline art, work for upcoming exhibitions, commissions etc.

Visit The Cat Art Studio Group

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