SOFA Gallery: Natalie Mascall

Mobile: 07970 215249

My name is Natalie Mascall – S.O.F.A.  I am a professional artist, self-taught, inspired by my love of animals. From a young age my passion for fine art and the ability to learn new skills along the way has given me the opportunity to present to you a collection of the feline beauties you see before you below and exhibited around the country.
The Medium I mainly use is pastel, I also use Acrylics.

I love the effect of pastel, especially on felines, whether it be the magnificent big cats or our beloved homely mischievous cats (well I call my two black panthers lol) but to be honest only the size distinguishes them at times. I think that’s why I especially love drawing felines and having a love of them and wildlife from an early age has been my inspiration, especially the eyes. Eyes have always intrigued me, very expressive; eyes to the soul. I always say they speak volumes without words.