Pollyanna Pickering accepts the AFC Simon Combes Conservation award in Canada

Pollyanna Pickering has received the most prestigious International Award in the field of Wildlife Art – the Artists for Conservation’s Simon Combes Conservation award for 2012, in recognition of her support for conservation through her artistic talents.

The award is the highest honour presented by the AFC to an artist who has shown artistic excellence and extraordinary contributions to the conservation cause, exemplifying the same qualities as the award’s namesake, Simon Combes, director of the Rhino Rescue Trust. In 2004 Simon was tragically killed by a charging Cape buffalo while hiking near his home in Kenya. This annual award commemorates his dedication to both art and conservation.

AFC President and Founder, Jeff Whiting commented "We are very proud to honour Pollyanna for her long-term dedication and contributions to conservation causes around the world. Pollyanna has shown extraordinary leadership in giving back to the subjects she depicts so passionately in her paintings."

"I am most honoured to receive this prestigious award from the AFC. I think it is wonderful that the AFC formally recognises the unique and valuable role which wildlife art plays in the world of conservation. I believe that I have been very fortunate to able to use my artwork to both fundraise for and raise awareness of the plight of endangered species around the world, and I feel humbled to be given this award for following my passion and vocation." says Pollyanna.

Pollyanna travelled to Vancouver to receive her award in front of an invited audience of VIP’s at a glittering Gala dinner held during the AFC’s annual Festival.  During the event Pollyanna also gave two keynote lectures, and presented her first ever artist’s workshop! She also appeared live on Canadian Breakfast Television to chat about her award, and the work of the AFC.

Pollyanna is passionate about the well-being of the wildlife she paints as much as she is about accurately interpreting her subjects. She is a tireless campaigner for the welfare of endangered, sick and vulnerable creatures. For fifteen years Pollyanna ran her own wildlife sanctuary, ‘Brookvale Bird Rescue’ – funded entirely by her painting. Also she is the Founder of the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation which raises funds for the protection and rescue of wildlife, endangered species and the environment as well as emergency disaster relief.

In March 2007, Pollyanna Pickering was the recipient of AFC Flag Expedition grant and became the first western artist to comprehensively document Bhutan’s wildlife and habitat in a series of paintings. The journey served to support the conservation of the rare and unique flora and fauna of the remote Himalayan country.

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