Self Portrait With Cat by Yasmin Donlon

S.O.F.A. member Yasmin Donlon has a new book out, Self Portrait With Cat.

self-portrait-with-cat-ydonlon“Artist Yasmin Donlon tells the story of her eventful life, and the part played by the cats and men she has loved – and lost. This is the autobiography of a colourful, highly creative character who was recognised for her artistic talent at an early age. The book chronicles the stormy ups and downs of Yasmin’s intense personal relationships, her battle with depression, and her struggle to earn a living while facing discrimination in the workplace. In her first marriage she endured violence, and her second ended in bereavement. Through all of this she constantly fought for independence from her parents, who she experienced as controlling and stifling. Yasmin has at last found happiness with her third husband.”

You can get a copy of Yasmin’s book from The Book Guild.

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