International Cat Care Annual Awards

This year’s International Cat Care annual celebration was held at the Kensington Roof Gardens in London on Sept. 12, 2014.

Highlighting the event were the many awards ICC presents. This year there was the ‘Easy to Give’ award created to reward pharmaceutical companies whose products are easy to administer to cats. ‘The Cat Friendly’ awards help make cats lives more comfortable and less stressful. Also, pet insurance policies now reflect that rescue cats as well as aging cats are living healthier, longer lives.

The third category revealed the 12 winning photographs for the 2014 Photographic Competition, ‘Cats for all seasons’.

Congratulations to Carl Welsby, the overall winner of the iCatCare Photographic Competition 2014 with his photo of Holly.

For more information on the awards, have a look at the charity’s website, or if you are interested in buying the terrific calendar or cards see

The top 100 images are available to view on the charity’s Facebook page.

We have always enjoyed our association  with ICC and the excellent work they do to improve the lives of our cats.

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