Fred the Philanderer

Fred the Philanderer - daphne lanham

Fred the Philanderer

Old Fred sits on the market cross and watches the world go by
And every so often he nods his head and closes his one good eye.
He dreams of the days of long ago when he was a strong young cat
And all the queens in the neighbourhood were very glad about that.
He remembers Belle, the pedigree girl, who made her escape one night,
And the toms who came from miles around, and how he won the fight,
Then how the two of them, ginger and white, both painted the town
bright red

And everyone knew when Belle’s kittens were born that she’d mis-behaved with Fred.
For all the kittens had pure white coats the same as their mother had,
Except for each little ginger tail — a legacy from their dad.

Now old Fred sits, enjoying the sun, reliving the times he’s had,
Recalling with satisfaction how he once was ‘a bit of a lad’
And when at last he is no more and the market cross is bare
He will always be remembered his spirit will live on there.
He’s left his mark on the neighbourhood, and, indeed, right down the dale,
For many a kitten still today is born with a ginger tail!

Daphne Lanham

This beautiful poem and painting are from the book Cats And Doggerel by S.O.F.A. member Daphne Langham. Daphne had generously donated copies of her lovely book as rewards for donations in the SOFA crowdfunding campaign.

How Does It Work?

You can simply go to our crowdfunding page and  donate any amount you like without anything in return. Or you can pick one of the rewards and donate the amount associated with the reward. £5 for a pack of cards for example. You’ll receive the reward direct from the artist as a thank you for your donation. Our members have donated some wonderful feline art as rewards, including limited edition prints, cards and paintings.

Why are we asking for donations?
We want to raise funds for a 2019 London show in a gallery in Central London next year.
As you know our wonderful gallery closed this year when the owners took their well earned retirement. So for the first time in 22 years we haven’t had our annual London show. We love having the work of our members up on the walls with a gallery full of cat lovers come to enjoy the show. So we are crowdfunding to raise the funds for a show next year.

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