The Meow Is A Scream

EDVARD Munch’s painting The Scream sold for a record price on Thursday.

The Meow by Toni Goffe

It was bought by an anonymous buyer at Sotherby’s in New York during an auction involving seven bidders, which is said to have lasted 12 minutes.  It makes the work, by the Norwegian expressionist, the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction.

The sale inspired Alton artist Toni Goffe to bring forward his painting of Edvard Munch’s cat, aptly called The Meow.

He said: “I was holding it back for a Society of Feline Artists show at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery near Waterloo but seeing the price of the Munch I brought it forward! The Munch got £74m, but I will take less.”

This painting, if not sold before, will be appearing in the Society of Feline Artists show in August 2012 at The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, The Cut  Waterloo  London SE1  8LN.

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