Feline Fun In The Sun With FAB

Over 100 guests gathered at a prestigious London venue in mid May to talk about cats.

The sun shone, the wine flowed and a good time was had by all as FAB hosted the Feline Event 2012. Once again, the setting was Kensington Roof Gardens in London and, as ever, the exotic flamingos proved to be a great draw.

Claire Bessant looking at Wellcat  - literature for the new Cat Friendly Clinic programme

Amid the chat and laughter, old friendships were renewed and new contacts forged. After a welcome from Kim Horsford, Chair of FAB’s board of trustees, Chief Executive, Claire Bessant talked about FAB’s new initiatives – the launch of Cat Friendly Clinic and of the International Fund for Cat Welfare.

Nicky Trevorrow, Behaviour Manager at Cats Protection, left, with Lauren Finka, IFCW/COAPE scholar at the University of Lincoln and Kerry Westwood, RSPCA Scientific Officer for Companion Animals RSPCA

She showed off the ‘new look’ Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery and then announced the winners of the 2012 Easy to Give awards.

Easy to Give

Medicating cats is notoriously difficult and the Easy to Give accolade rewards companies which have made great efforts to make their products easier to administer to cats, making life better for vets, owners and feline patients. Products are reviewed by members of the FAB feline expert panel, which comprises primarily vets who have been or funded by FAB to specialise in feline medicine at veterinary schools

A total of 24 products have been branded ‘easy to give’ since the first awards were made in 2004. Winning companies can use the FAB Easy to Give logo when advertising those products.

The 2012 winning products were:

ALSTOE :Therios

Therios contains the antibiotic cephalexin as a palatable tablet that can be easily split for accurate dosing in cats.

VIRBAC :Effipro

A spot-on preparation for the treatment of fleas, ticks and lice. The new transparent pipette prevents spillage and ensures a complete dose is given. An image of a cat appears on each pipette, so that if one is separated from its packaging it is still clear for which animal the product is intended.


Atopica is a treatment for allergic dermatitis that comes in solution form and can be given in food or directly into the cat’s mouth. The specifically-designed syringe dispenser allows accurate dosing.

CEVA :Fiprospot

A spot-on medication for the treatment of fleas and flea allergic dermatitis

Easy To Give award winners

Easy to Give awards were presented by FAB’s Strategic and Business Development Advisor, Ross Tiffin and Chief Executive, Claire Bessant (pictured, back) to (from left to right): Adelaide Ellerington, Product Manager of Alstoe; Anne-Laure Driscoll, Brand Manager of Novartis; Sarah Endersby, Veterinary Adviser at CEVA and Callum Blair, Senior Veterinary Adviser at Virbac.


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