Cats And Doggerel by Daphne Lanham

Cats and DoggerelOne of our members, Daphne Lanham, has a new book published, Cats And Doggerel.

“Daphne Lanham certainly knows her cats: she has owned, fostered, adopted and admired countless felines over the years, and has not only painted and drawn them in exquisite detail but has also now immortalised many of them in verse. Here we can meet Poppy, whose inquisitiveness almost gets the better of her; Tom, the natural comedian who uses his milk dish as a rubbish bin; Shadow, nemesis of birds and mice; and Lulu, whose name is not what it might seem.   Daphne’s deep affection for her cats, and her detailed knowledge of their lives and quirks, inform every line of this charming collection of poems, while her illustrations are a complete delight.”

Youi can get a copy of Daphne’s book from The Book Guild.

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