Peggy Pickering’s Recomendations

The first of a new series of articles on our blog about our members, their art and their recommendations.  Today’s artist is Peggy Pickering.

Making Your Own cards

Kitty Bluette by Peggy Pickering

I started designing cards about 26 years when I saw an advert from a Card Company requesting artists.  I designed about 65 cards for them over a period of  6 to 7 years, but then they suddenly stopped trading in cards. However, I now scan all my paintings and produce my own cards on the computer using Lexmark Precision Photos software.

Art Groups

I have been running an Art Group for 29 years now. I run three Art Groups in Shepperton under the umbrella name of “Shepperton Artists (SAA)”. On a Monday morning, Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday evening. If you look on the SAA website and look under local Groups, mine being in Middlesex, you should be able to see Shepperton Artists.

Art Materials

I get all my painting materials from the Society of All Artists at a very reasonable price and I order bulk amounts for my members. I always use Liquitex Soft Body acrylics which I find adapt very well to all my needs, as I can paint in a watercolour way with them or use them thicker like normal acrylics.  Also they can be used for silk painting as well.  As the paint is so nice and soft I always use watercolour brushes.

By Peggy Pickering

Do you have particular materials or techniques you’d like to recommend to other members? Do you have a particular brand of paint or pastels you love to use? Where do you buy your supplies from, do you have a great local art supply shop or do you use an online store? If so we’d like to feature you and your work along with those recommendations on the blog. Contact the editor.

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