Pencil Workshop Review

S.O.F.A. member France Bauduin went on a pencil workshop Passion For Pencils last year and wanted to recommend it to other members. This is what she thought about the day.

Peekaboo - France Bauduin
Peekaboo Peakaboo by France Bauduin

I had brought all my crayons with me and a day lamp (which proved a good idea as we only had artificial light in the hall).  I had three extra boxes of crayons and little things like erasers, sharpeners, silk paper for my friends.   As it is, there were very few UKCP members.  Most of the attendance were beginners like the friends I had brought with me.  Most people were retired ladies in their 60s.  No men.

The workshop was very well organised and done in a quite informal way.  Tables were put in the hall in a horseshoe fashion and we each add our table with a card in front of our place with our names.  Bev and Pauline were going around the tables, helping here and there those who needed advice and chatting with others like me who knew what they were doing.   At some points, I did the same, first helping my friends and then another one who was trying to draw the eyes of a cat.  I ended up chatting quite a lot so in the end, didn’t get much done but it was fun.

There was a table where we could put the stuff we wanted to sell (I had brought my books but didn’t sell any) and we could put examples of our finished drawings on the stage at the front (I had brought my series of kittens to show which proved a good idea).

We also had 1 hour tutorial done by a representative of Caran d’Ache who demonstrated the versatility of their products, mainly water soluble colour pencils.  He was quite funny and we had a good time watching him.  I didn’t know much about water soluble crayons so I learned a few things there.  But I doubt I will ever take that route.  In the end, it’s more painting than drawing but with less control over the results. It was a fun day.

By France Bauduin S.O.F.A.
France Bauduin’s web site.

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Passion For Pencils

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