From the Mundane to the Magnificat

Doorkins Magnificat, Southwark Cathedral Churchyard. Celia Pike
Doorkins Magnificat, Southwark Cathedral Churchyard

S.O.F.A member Celia Pike has an exhibition of paintings and prints in Southwark Cathedral Refectory, in London, from 15 Nov – 12 Dec.

When Celia first came across Doorkins Magnificat in the wonderful light of Southwark Cathedral, she was afraid to breath or move and just had to watch her; it was a perfect moment. The exhibition features Celia’s paintings of the Cathedral cat, Doorkins Magnificat, and other London cats, as well as a few of her own.

From the Mundane to the Magnificat by Celia Pike is on at Southwark Cathedral Refectory,  situated on the south bank of the River Thames close to London Bridge, until December 12th.

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