Sketching Safari in Northern Botswana

As an associate member of SOFA I thought I would drop you a line to tell you about an amazing sketching Safari that I went on in August this year.

The Safari in Northern Botswana was for anyone interested in Sketching and learning about ‘Big Cats’ Their behaviour, anatomy, the way they move and their muscle structure. We had wildlife artists – artists who do sculpture and people like me who just enjoy drawing cats on the trip. My aim was to get back to sketching and drawing and to capture the atmosphere and movement of cats.

The whole experience was so amazing that I thought it would be nice to tell members of SOFA about the trip and that it is going to be running next year as it was such a success.

As well as capturing ‘The Big Cats’ we also had the most amazing Safari taking in the sights and sounds of Northern Botswana, sketching, photographing and observing many of the other wildlife inhabitants-elephant, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe and hundreds of bird species.

 By Desiree Hart S.O.F.A.

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