Alex Johnson – Fundraising and the London Show

I am a cat lover and printmaker. I joined SOFA in 1999 having been encouraged by an artist friend to submit some of my cat etchings to the annual exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery. Fortunately for me my work was accepted, sales were made and I was invited to become a full member of the society. I have exhibited with S.O.F.A successfully and enjoyably every year since then.

Having a London show every year is important. As well as an outlet for feline artists to showcase and sell our work the society provides an opportunity to meet other artists and cat lovers at private views and social events. The society has strong links with cat charities, supporting both Cats Protection​ and International Cat Care​ through exhibitions and donations.

We have some lovely prints from Alex Johnson in the rewards for our fundraising campaign.

Alex Johnson

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