Manx Mewsings

Manx Mewsings

The other cats all tease me because I have no tail;
They say I should try ordering a new one in the mail,
Or, since I went and lost it, I should offer a reward
As someone might have thought it was an old pyjama cord.

I take no notice of them, just let them have their fun,
For if you haven’t got a tail it can’t be trodden on.
It can’t be pulled by little boys or get shut in the door,
The cat-flap doesn’t trap it — all these things you can’t ignore.

It’s one less thing to wash as well my grooming time is short —
These benefits the others haven’t thought of while they sport.
If I could grow a tail one day, I’d surely say, ‘No thanks.’
I’d rather stay just as I am — quite happy to be Manx.

Daphne Lanham had kindly donated copies of her lovely book Cats and Doggerel to the SOFA crowdfunding campaign.
You can get a copy of her book here…


Daphne Lanham is both an artist and a poet. She wrote her book Cats and Doggerel by accident. She says “I never really set out to write a book. I found that every now and then I’d get an idea for a poem, quite often late at night when I couldn’t sleep. I started keeping a notebook by my bed and writing in the early hours of the morning.” Her book is a charming collection of poems and paintings about her cats.

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