Manx Mewsings

Manx Mewsings

The other cats all tease me because I have no tail;
They say I should try ordering a new one in the mail,
Or, since I went and lost it, I should offer a reward
As someone might have thought it was an old pyjama cord.

I take no notice of them, just let them have their fun,
For if you haven’t got a tail it can’t be trodden on.
It can’t be pulled by little boys or get shut in the door,
The cat-flap doesn’t trap it — all these things you can’t ignore.

It’s one less thing to wash as well my grooming time is short —
These benefits the others haven’t thought of while they sport.
If I could grow a tail one day, I’d surely say, ‘No thanks.’
I’d rather stay just as I am — quite happy to be Manx.

Daphne Lanham had kindly donated copies of her lovely book Cats and Doggerel to the SOFA fundraising campaign.
You can get a copy of her book here…

Daphne Lanham is both an artist and a poet. She wrote her book Cats and Doggerel by accident. She says “I never really set out to write a book. I found that every now and then I’d get an idea for a poem, quite often late at night when I couldn’t sleep. I started keeping a notebook by my bed and writing in the early hours of the morning.” Her book is a charming collection of poems and paintings about her cats.

Why are we fundraising?
We want to raise funds for a 2019 London show in a gallery in Central London next year.
As you know our wonderful gallery closed this year when the owners took their well earned retirement. So for the first time in 22 years we haven’t had our annual London show. We love having the work of our members up on the walls with a gallery full of cat lovers come to enjoy the show. So we are raising funds for a show next year.

How it works
Our members have donated some lovely feline fine art to the cause. All of these are selling for less than their normal price, so you get a bargain, and all the proceeds go to the exhibition fund. Find them in our fundraising gallery.

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