The Printmaker’s Cat

I got an email from one of our members, Alex Johnson, asking for a mention in our newsletter or blog about a book she’s featured in called the Printmaker’s Cat. A week or so later we were both in London at a meeting. I had a chance to see the book and I bought her copy! It’s such a lovely book, so well researched with beautiful images. Printmaker or not it was hard for me to resist the book. We all have strong feelings about the the subject matter; it’s fascinating to hear artists’ stories how a particular cat or cats inspired such beautiful work. I think the book is good source material no matter what you do; there are plenty of ideas to inspire. This 136 page hardback book features the work of 38 contemporary artists.

Watching by Alex Johnson

It can be purchased for £25 (including £2.50 p&p) from the publisher, Mascot Media. For more information about it have a look on their website: and click books for sale.

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