Miaow Festiveal And Helping Cats In Morocco

I’m a British photojournalist from London, but I also have a house in the small town of Azemmour, Morocco.  The pitiful condition of the cats and kittens here has driven me to set up a local charity to start a sterilisation and treatment programme. Most females suffer a constant cycle of reproduction and hunger. Kittens are born in the streets to malnourished mothers. Sadly, all too often, they lead short lives, dying alone from illness, starvation and dehydration.

Here is the film to show the sad condition of the cat population.

Your donation will help us to do this – to put an end to this unnecessary suffering. You can donate on JustGiving.com to help ERHAM ( which in Arabic means ‘take pity’) help the cats of Azemmour.

Help raise £2000 to Increase our sterilisation programme to help stop the suffering of street cats in Azemmour, Morocco.

We are launching with ‘Festival Miaow’ on the 8th October. There will be a group of artists attending who will paint cats in their style (which is usually quite abstract!) and they will also run a workshop for the children. It’s going to be a fun day.

Miaow Festival

To find out more visit ERHAM on facebook

Anne Heslop

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